Why i switched to React js from Vue.js?

I have worked with Javascript and jQuery for more than 4 years. Few months ago I started to use Vue.js and worked on some awesome applications. NO DOUBT! Vue was the perfect choice for those scenarios as compared to JQuery/JS.

I have used Vue.js in about 4 big projects. Three of them were for Gps Fleet tracking company which had a lot of work to do with the Google Maps and it opened in mobile browser. It had to be highly efficient to show all the data.

I also worked on a hybrid app using Cordova + Onsen UI + Vue template for one of the biggest insurance companies. It was a great experience. It improved screen load timings more than double as compared to basic Cordova app.

But recently I saw on of my team mates working with React.js and I wanted to explore it as well. These are few things that I have found so far in React js programming and I think that they make React much better option for front end programming as compare to Vue.

React Function Components with JSX – The best thing to happen so far in Javascript!

JSX is the easiest way to break down your UI code into smaller parts. In vue you have to either make a separate component for this or you have to put it in the same template somehow.

But in React, you can make a function component which makes it really easy to work with. Specially with modern IDEs that automatically fold functions that are not being edited.

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