Top 5 must have tools for developers in 2019

As a developer you need a couple of tools that are essentials for any kind of software development. We have compiled a list of tools that are most essentials for devs.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a free to use Text editor. It is famous for its easy of use and speed. It supports almost all of the development languages including C#, PHP, Javascript, SQL, you name it. It has multiple themes for your ease.

Even if you just want to copy some code into a temporary file, Sublime Text will start the fastest and will be available right there for you.

WebStorm or PHPStorm for Web Apps

WebStorm/PHPStorm is the best IDE available right now for web app development. period. Its amazingly fast, supports quick indentations, syntax completion, in depth syntax analysis and most importantly it has built in git version control system.

They offer free license for students and have discount offers for post-student developers as well.

DBeaver for Database connectivity

DBeaver is a great tool for working with DB of your liking. It is equipped with multiple drivers which allows it to connect with MySQL, MSSql, Postgres or what not?

It is kind of all in one package. You can use it to work on any database with no problem.

Git version control system

Git is the most popular of the version control systems freely available over the web. It can be used for all sizes of projects. Using git you can easily maintain versions and track changes in your code across your team.


Sourcetree is the best tool for developers using git who are not familiar with git commands. It is a free tool developed by Atlassian. You can use it to connect with Github and Bitbucket easily.

It gives you all the feature of git software for free.

Node Package Manager (npm)

Node Package manager or npm is one of the most essentials tools for working on web or mobile apps. Now a days applications are being built using React, Vue or React Native or on a Node.js back end server. They all work using npm.

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