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Here are some tips for new freelancers in the market who want to be a successful freelancer and money earn online. These are based on our own freelancing experience and from others. Please share if you find this article good.

How can new freelancers get project with 0 reviews?

If your account is new, be patient and start posting bids or create gigs. If you’re on Upwork or set your project filters to show you only those projects which have very low budget ($10 – $50) because these clients do not want quality work. They want fast work. This is a good way to get 5 star reviews

Once you have done around 10 of these small projects and have received good rating/reviews, you increase your project filter to $100 or more and you’ll start receiving big projects as well eventually.

Do not go for fake reviews, this is considered bad and you’ll end up providing not up to the mark service which reduces over all market value. You can even lose your account due to this.

Which platform to choose?

Choosing the right platform is crucial here because we have observed that all platforms do not perform the same relative to your skills.

  • If you’re looking for more graphics related work. Fiverr maybe the right choice for you. Logos, banners and designs can be done in very affordable rates and Fiverr has become a great place for sellers for this skills.
  • If you’re into software, go for Freelancer or Upwork. These two markets have great clients for this kind of work.
  • If you’re a writer, sketch artist, video editor, Fiverr is for you.

This doesn’t mean you’ll not find graphics work on Upwork. Its just that its easier to get this kind of job on Fiverr.

How to write a proposal?

We have observed that writing short proposals work better than long proposals. Here’s why: Whenever a new job is posted by client, all freelancers rush to send their proposals first which are mostly just copied/pasted previously. So, most of the proposals are just fake, doesn’t show knowledge about job, etc.

We recommend writing a short proposal just to attract your client towards initial chat. Once this is done, you can discuss all details openly and freely. Note, on Upwork medium sized proposals will perform better because clients usually on this platform do not rush to hire people.

Proposal example For Laravel Project

Hi there, I am interested in this work. I am an expert Laravel developer with good server side development experience. I would like to know more details about this project.

You can create many short proposals like this and save for later use.

What Skills Are Good?

Anything which can be done digitally is good! You just need to find your market and start selling. You can be software developer, designer, musician, singer, voice over artist, etc which can be done on a computer.

Payment methods!!?

Right now, Payoneer is very famous with all freelancing platforms. They provide a free mastercard on your doorstep. You can use it to work on any online platform. They charge a small yearly fee and a very minor transaction free.

You can also get your funds transferred in your bank account directly. Freelancer and Upwork support this payment method. You can tell them your IBAN number and they’ll transfer directly in your bank account.

What about Reviews?

Always be genuine about reviews. Do not try to cheat online platforms otherwise they’ll strike your account and you’ll lose your account. Whenever you work, always give honest reviews to your clients if you’re working or hiring.


Try to avoid dispute as much as you can. Because we have observed that these platforms mostly support the client or your employer. This affects your profile in negative way and can even result in a permanent bank from platform.

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