TAVL Database by Teltonika Explained

In this article we are going to look at the database schema of one of the biggest GPS tracking service provider Teltonika. We are going to look at the TAVL database. We will see what are the important key tables which are used for generating reports, making fleet management portals and more.

Teltonika is an IOT development company which has one of the best Gps Vehicle tracking tracker and software available. You can easily install their trackers by contacting any of the local vendors and use their tracking services to track your fleet or your personal vehicles.

TAVL Database Schema

TAVL database contains a lot of tables. They are used internally by the TAVL software for working. They contains table for sms and messages, events, zones, geo fences, dates and much much more.

But only few of the tables are useful which are:

  1. Objects
  2. Messages
  3. MessageData
  4. EventLog

TAVL Objects Table

This is the main table for storing information about the trackers. Every tracker is stored as an object in this table. The most important column from this database is the ObjectId. This is the main column which is used as a foreign key in all of the other table. You use this column to generate reports and fetch events from the EventLog table.

TAVL Messages Table

TAVL Messages table hold all the messages that are generated by the tracker. This table stores each point in real world as a single row.

For example, if you have a tracker installed on a vehicle and that vehicle takes a 10 minutes trips. If your tracker is set to record movement every 10 seconds then this table will have around 60 rows and each row will have values for latitude/longitude as X and Y. VectorSpeed as speed in km/hr. VectorAngle and some other values which are usually not that important.

We can use this table to generate all the reports we want. For example overspeed report, engine running, idle and stopped report, movement report and more.

TAVL MessageData Table

This table is like a child table. It is usually joined with the TAVL Message table. This contains multiple rows for each Message table row. This rows may contain values like. Battery health, geo fence, ignition status etc.

So for each message there are multiple message data child rows. A one to many relation.

TAVL EventLog Table

This is also a very important table. This table contains logs for each events that you configure for each object. This table can contain event details like overspeed, ignition status, geofence, FMB battery or battery status in voltages, green driving i.e harsh braking, harsh cornering or harsh acceleration and more events which you configure.

This table can be used to make trips report because they contain ignition on and off for each trip. You can also make overspeed report from here, geofence in out report and all other reports you can think of.


TAVL database is a very easy database to work with and it scales very easily. We can make a ton of reports from their table. In the next articles we will be looking at making some useful reports or performing some calculations on the TAVL database table. Stay tuned!

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