Is Apple trying to innovate self driving cars now?

Apple has been working on a electric car project for a while under the code name Titan. Although Apple is yet to openly discuss its self driving car features to the public. It is reported that more than a thousand employees have been working on the project.

Recently, what looks like to be an Apple self-driving, has been spotted in Cupertino, California

Recently an Apple self-driving car was spotted in Cupertino, California. Its interesting to see that Apple is trying a different set of sensors than the conventional LiDAR approach.

Apple’s self-driving electric cars have been using multiple LIDAR, radar and cameras for understanding its 3D environment in real-time so far. However LiDAR usage can be expensive. It looks like Apple is trying a new set of sensors in its cars to minimize the cost and effectiveness.

On the other end, Tesla which is famous for its electric autonomous cars s convinced that a complete camera setup for self-driving cars is a better approach. They can read signs and make a more detailed map of their 3D environment as compared to the LiDAR technology.

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