5 alternatives for plastic shopping bags in Pakistan

plastic bag alternatives in pakistan

Global warming / Climate change is upon us and millions are being affected by it in a disastrous way. This post may not be related to technology but will be a contribution to awareness for climate change.

Recently government of Pakistan announced ban on plastic bags to reduce plastic waste recycling problems. But people are finding it difficult to adjust to these changes.

Here is a list of 5 alternatives to plastic bags which can easily be adopted for daily use.

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are very cheap alternative to plastic shopping bags. They are good for carrying light weight items.

Canvas bags maybe water proof as well so they can be used in rainy weather.

Cardboard bags

Cardboard bags are another great alternative to plastic bags. These are good for carrying very light weight items like paper, clothes, dry food, etc.

Since these are made of cardboard/paper they can easily be recycled by natural means.

Plastic containers

These are very cheap plastic containers. Although they are made of plastic they are better than bags because they can be reused easily after washing.

Use them for keeping your fruits, grains, pulses, spices, etc.

Net bags

Net bags are also another great alternative to plastic. They are made of fibers or cotton mostly.

They are good in strength hence can be used to keep fruit, vegetables and other medium weight items.

Leather bags

Leather bags are strong. These are good alternative to plastic. They can be used to carry medium weight items as well

May be a little bit less cheaper than other types but they last longer and can be reused.


Global warming / Climate change is real! These are our 5 pics alternative to plastic bags. We as responsible citizens should avoid using plastic as much as we can for shopping. This will reduce country wide waste and will also reduce overall worldwide plastic waste pollution.

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